Wagshal's Prime Smoked Beef Brisket - Whole

Wagshal's Prime Smoked Brisket is a 2016 FABI award winner!

For the customers who are not able to come to our delicatessen to try this in person, our famous USDA Prime smoked brisket is now available in your home!

Inspired by Bill Fuchs' love of Montreal Smoked Meat, he created a product that is a cross of Pastrami and Corned Beef.  Using only USDA Prime briskets sourced locally from Wagshal's Market, it takes over 50 days to go from raw brisket to the masterpiece we have.  Once you try it at home, you will agree that his is truely the finest beef brisket you've ever had. 

The brisket may arrive slightly frozen.  If you plan on using within the next week or two, keep it in the refrigerator, otherwise place in the freezer.  Allow to thaw for 36-48 hours in your refridgerator. Product should not be reheated from frozen state. 

The Whole Brisket averages 10-12 LBS.  It can have 18-30 servings, depending on your guests appetites.  We will include 1 oven bag and instructions for the proper way to reheat the whole brisket. 

Once it is heated, place yellow mustard on a single piece of rye bread and top with a second piece of rye bread and its ready to enjoy! Or try it with sauerkraut, in recipes for burnt ends etc.

Read the Washington Post piece to find out more about the process here.  

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Wagshal's Prime Smoked Beef Brisket - Whole

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