Winter Fruit Spread

Can Bech jams are the result of the rich land where they are created. Likewise, the quality comes from the experience gained from years in the kitchen of the former Can Bech restaurant.

The winter jam is made with citrus fruits, the predominant fruits of the Mediterranean during this season: oranges, lemons, and limes.

Ingredients Sugar, orange, lime, and lemon.

Jar is 290gr/10.2 ozs. 

This jam combines perfectly to make a vinaigrette for a pear and chestnut salad with cured cheese; or with almond nougat, macadamia nut, or mocha ice cream; or simply as a base for a meat sauce for stuffed turkey or chicken. It is also great for making a vinaigrette to enjoy with mussels or other seafood. 

Made in a facility that handles nuts. 

Winter Fruit Spread

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